úterý 24. ledna 2017

What is the best strategy to gain active referrals in to any site? Here is my trick !

My strategy is based on three steps:


Advertise !

But - Advertise on sites, where you will get paid for it !!! Do you ever heard about Revenue sharing? Yes, there are sites where you can buy so called AdPacks (advertising service), advertise and get back 120% of you purchased AdPacks ! 

How it is working:

You can purchase Adpacks with starting cost $5 for which you will get 100 website credits and 2 PPC banner credits. So, that means you will get instant advertising service through those Adpacks. Additionally, those Adpacks will also secure your position in revenue sharing pool, means they will keep on sharing revenue upto 120%, means if you purchase Adpacks with $5, then they keep on sharing revenue according to the profit they made till you earn back total $6.
The earnings from AdPacks are added in to account hourly, so you can use them to repurchase additional AdPacks !

!!! Watch out for SCAM sites !!!

There are too many new sites lately. Choose wisely, always:

  • google [site URL] + "scam or legit"
  • join the only sites with true peoples behind
  • check Alexa rank
  • use your common sence ...

I am advertisin on following, most trusted sites:

You may chceck this free Calculator for your possible earnings:

How to setup Advetising and buy AdPacks YouTube video:

Or download free How to setup Advetising and buy AdPacks in PDF


Use Custom Banners !

Do not use official banners from sites you want referrals in to. They are everywhere ... Instead, use GIF editors to create your own, unique banners ! I am using free online Gif Creator for this purpose. This will increate "clic on banner" ratio. Be creative, but do not lie !


Create simple Blogs

Yes. Do not add direct links on sites you want referrals in to. Instead, create simple blogs - you may use free www.blogger.com or www.wix.com, where you describe How to make money on that site, add pictures, guides and payment proofs.

And that is all the secret. Following that three steps, you will advertise, get paid for it, and get active referrals ! As you can see, it is working well (ClixSense / Neobux):


I wish to you only the best results !

středa 30. listopadu 2016

Geting tired from hunting referrals? Get them for free !

Still looking for free referrals? Join Buxenger !

Buxenger is free service, where you can manage all your (not only) PTC sites. There is a predfined list of PTC sites, but you can add all sites you want. Also, if you already have account, just add site and log inside. Then share your ref. links. Next user who would like to join the same site will be automatically your direct referral! Great !

You wil have noce overview about all our PTC sites.
Also, you can click directly to ads!

Share your Buxenger ref. link and get direct referrals for free!

 Join now for free

pondělí 14. listopadu 2016

Make money, not a war. Without investment - it is fun!

Please, disable AdBlock, else some pictures will be missing.

Hi. Are you interesting to earn from home without investment? It is possible, you only need to do first click to start and follow my 3 steps strategy!

Be smart, start just now - it is free !

Simple 3 steps strategy:

First step  join HOB Ring ClixSense Goup - they will give to you free premium account if you will be active ! In my opinion, easist way to start earning. Do tasks and level up (this is very impotrant!), play ClixGrid (you may win up to $10), do Surveys. Easy money! Upgrade your account as soon as possible to multiplay earnings. Do not forget to install browser extension - this will inform you about any available activity!

Step two - register for free on Street Lottery site. You will be added to daily draw just by registration. You may win $10 daily and ~$25 once a month just for nothing! Play Bingo, watch adds to increase winning chance.

Join Neobux (check Neobux - The ultimate guide 2017) for free as soon as possible. Be active 15 days, click on every ad, do Mini Jobs (you will recieve 15% bonus to all finished jobs !) You may win up $50 per click in AdPrize!

And now the Last, most secret step - join MyPayingAds (USD) or MyPayingCryptoAds (BTC) or both. It is free to join. Why? You may buy AdPacks here, adverise your refferal links and get paid for that ! Surprised? But it is true! How it is working and how much you will earn?

  • MyPayingAds: 1 AdPack price: $5, you will earn $6 !
  • MyPayingCryptoAds:  1 AdPack price: 0.010 BTC, you will earn 0.012 !

This means 120% profit!
Also, you may click on up to 300 ads per day on both sites!

Both sites have the same admin and highest Alexa rating (most trusted)

Every AdPack is active until it will reach profit of 120%. This may take 40-60 days. You only need to click on 10 ads per day! If you forgot to click or you have no time to click, you will not loose anything, it will just pause until you click again!

Use all your earnings from step one and two to buy as many AdPacks as you can. You will be recieving your provisions from AdPack every hour.  Use earned commision to buy new AdPacks. Repeat this until you will have 100 active adpack. On that stage, you will be earning ~$10 per day = one new AdPack from level 2 per day ! Now you will need to pay $10 per month to buy more adpacks. It is up to you what goal you would like to achive. More AdPacks, more profit.    

Check this Calculator how much you can earn.

It will take some time ...

 ... to build up your AdPacks but at the end ...

... sweet reward is awaiting!

I am wish to you the best results!
Happy earning !!!

Few pictures:


Browser extension

Play ClixGrid

Do tasks and level up! 
The best workes reciving nice rewards!!!


Win AdPrizes daily!

Be active, click on Yellow ads daily !

Check your activity status